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Vibrating tables

Vibrating tables can be driven by several drives. This is among other things subjected to the desired vibration. For small load electromagnetic is often a fine solution, although pneumatic or hydraulic is also a much used technic. Larger load can be driven by unbalanced motors or excenters.

Vibrating tables

The applications for vibrating tables for the industry are very wide and necessary for several reasons. Made to measure, durability and user friendliness are a guarantee thanks to the experience of Invicon and the delivered custom made machine.

With over more than 30 years of experience in designing and contstruction/building industrial vibrating equipment, we can also make the vibrating table for your company which will give you the advantage. It is possible to make use of diffirent types of drives, such as electromagnetic, unbalanced motors or e.g. pneumatic.

With the possibility to make use of various drives and by designing the tables especially for you, the possibilities are so divers that almost every industrial company can make use of our services.