Shaker conveyors

The various applications of the shaker conveyors are too many to name them all. It speaks for itself that every company should have sufficient choice and possibilities when to purchase new shaker conveyors. With Invicon you are at the right place. We have over more than 30 years experience in designing and building industrial vibrating machinery in any form. It is important to mention that also related applications can be taken into account in the offered services.

Whether it concerns electromagnetic conveyors or conveyors with unbalance motors, we will take care of a custom made solution for your company. Because of an exact  application the shaker conveyors are practically maintenance free and have a long product life.

Electromagnetic shaker conveyors

Electromagnetic shaker conveyors are available in numerous versions. These pictures below will perhaps bring you to an idea. The electromagnetic drive is, if applied correctly, almost maintenance free because there are no rotating (lubrication) parts.

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Shaker conveyors with out of balance motors

Unbalanced motors are with 10.000 Newtons centrifugal force, a very powerfull drive which can be carefully applied. If applied correctly, lubrication free. Meanwhile much of these types are deliverable in stainless steel and/or with ATEX.

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